A life in running shoes

There was my 5k last weekend. A wonderful morning to be out running. The course went right through downtown, starting and ending right around the city center. Running down the middle of streets, right through red lights surrounded by hordes of like-minded people. There were 3.1 miles of pushing forward with three mile splits within... Continue Reading →


New racing season, same thoughts

Here we are in 2017. I'm signed up for a couple triathlons again. Last year's races were mostly enjoyable. Hopefully this year will be as well. I'm a couple months out from the first triathlon of the season and closing in on the start of the 12 week plan for my first ever Olympic-distance tri.... Continue Reading →


Eight days of hammering the legs. It started last Saturday with a 10 mile run. My first double-digit run in about 10 months; a benefit of using a training log being able to look back and discover that. Hills on the way out, flat along the river in the middle and then back along those... Continue Reading →

Huh, so that worked out

It's been an up and down few weeks. I've had good workouts and bad workouts. I'm definitely trying to do a good deal of cross-training. With the help of a chiropractor I'm mostly past my back trouble which is fantastic. Not having to worry that getting out of the car will cause it to seize... Continue Reading →

And now, everything but running

Last race of the year is done. It went well; not quite as fast as I thought I could do, but within 20 seconds of my PR so not complaining. Effort felt good the whole way so I don't think I could have ran too much faster on that day. With racing out of the... Continue Reading →

Gotta talk myself into this

Race week and the end of the racing season collide this Saturday morning with one more 5k. I had a series of really strong speed work sessions around the beginning of the month. But I think I hit a point maybe 10 days ago where I was a little burned out physically. I thought I... Continue Reading →

Buckling in for one more 5k

Busy year of training. Started and finished three triathlons as well as several 5 and 10k's. Given how recent speed work has gone, I apparently have one more race left in my legs this season. I've been doing some race pace work on the track the last couple weeks. It's been tough and tiring. There... Continue Reading →

Open water swim

Did my first real open water swim yesterday. Trying out the wetsuit before my first triathlon in a week. It went really well. The wetsuit was a little constricting around the chest when I put it on but once I got in the water I didn't notice that at all. Like some friends said, once... Continue Reading →

Back to yoga and weights I go

I went to a triathlon clinic a couple weeks ago. They had athletes talking about each of the three sports; swim, bike, run. After each athlete, they had a sports medicine person talk about common injuries and how to fix them. One of the prevailing opinions was that if you think of training as a... Continue Reading →

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