Open water swim

Did my first real open water swim yesterday. Trying out the wetsuit before my first triathlon in a week. It went really well. The wetsuit was a little constricting around the chest when I put it on but once I got in the water I didn’t notice that at all.

Like some friends said, once I was wearing one, I’d feel like I was really, finally swimming. It was a rather playful experience. The buoyancy was wonderful. The snugness and the extra help keeping me on the surface instead of creating drag with my legs was also quite nice. I apparently need to work on keeping my core tighter and staying closer to the surface. It suddenly felt like I could just keep swimming for a long way. I’ve felt pretty good in the pool lately, really getting stronger and more capable but this was another step beyond that.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Heading out into deep water for the first time was a little disconcerting but I tamped that down pretty easily when I stopped and saw how buoyant I was. Just a minor effort to tread water and I can float on my back without any effort.

Once we did reach deep water and could no longer see the bottom, it was interesting to see how dark it was. So very different than watching the lane line as I go back and forth. This time there was sunlight penetrating deep enough to show bits of dust and dirt and particles floating in the water. For some reason that was a very calming thing and was a meditative experience to watch it float by beneath me. Right up until a floating weed decided to gently wrap itself around my head. Ha.

Also, it was nice to see that I can swim in relatively straight lines with a minor amount of sighting in freestyle. I was probably switching into breaststroke enough to keep myself on target but my head down swimming was still plenty straight enough.

Good. First wetsuit experience went well. First open water swim where I went into deep water went well. I should hopefully have a couple more chances to get into the water before my race. Whew. Things continue to go well. Now, hopefully I can handle doing this with a hundred people around me.


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