Buckling in for one more 5k

Busy year of training. Started and finished three triathlons as well as several 5 and 10k’s. Given how recent speed work has gone, I apparently have one more race left in my legs this season. I’ve been doing some race pace work on the track the last couple weeks. It’s been tough and tiring.

There has been fun stuff like 5×400 + 1k + 5×400 all at 5k pace with 200-400 float recovery. Starting that second set of 5×400 the legs were just a little ragged. I kind of settled into it after that but there was much math in my head figuring out how much time I had left at high speed. It’s one of my ways to talk my way through a tough workout. Okay, I just need to hold this speed for a couple minutes then I get a easy recovery before the next one. Okay, I have just 8 and a half minutes of hard running and the workout is done.

I have a series of painful sounding workouts picked out to get me to the finish line of this 5k. Hopefully I toe the start line in good order and have a chance at a PR.


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