Gotta talk myself into this

Race week and the end of the racing season collide this Saturday morning with one more 5k. I had a series of really strong speed work sessions around the beginning of the month. But I think I hit a point maybe 10 days ago where I was a little burned out physically. I thought I was incorporating enough rest and easy days but I hit a session of 6x200m where I just had no go in my legs. Since then I’ve had some nice, easy runs and some good tempo runs but this past week I’ve reached a point where this hip or that knee or some hamstring is twinging, groaning, a gnarled mass of tightness.

So, after all that awesome speed work, I’m feeling like I’m going in not quite as strong as I want. My brain needs to whip itself into shape a bit. I keep catching myself looking at next week. Planning what to do in the off-season. How much running I’m not going to do. All that yoga and strength training that I stopped doing when I should have kept at it. Oh my god, I can start swimming again now that my back is calming down and I’m finally stretching and strengthening that as I should have been. So, yeah, just like that except what I want is to concentrate and run really fast in this 5k and set a PR. Which I think I can do. I just have to get to the start line and go.


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