And now, everything but running

Last race of the year is done. It went well; not quite as fast as I thought I could do, but within 20 seconds of my PR so not complaining. Effort felt good the whole way so I don’t think I could have ran too much faster on that day.

With racing out of the way and with it the need to run regularly, it’s break time. I haven’t ran in a week. Instead I’ve hit everything I skipped or dropped earlier in the year; weight lifting, yoga, swimming. All that means is I’m rediscovering muscles that have been little used for too long. While I’ve started off pretty strong with only one rest day this week since that 5k race, it’s been more of a recovery. Lighter weights, etc. to make sure I get back into a routine without hurting anything.

I’m planning a 2-3 week recovery time frame before really hitting things hard. I have plans for more triathlons next year; probably a sprint or two and at least one Olympic distance. I’m going to want a good base or all around fitness going into next summer. I already have a book on triathlons and my wife has a big book of training plans so I’m sure at some point I’ll go overboard planning out a full training cycle. I’m not at all neurotic about things, uh uh, never.








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