Eight days of hammering the legs. It started last Saturday with a 10 mile run. My first double-digit run in about 10 months; a benefit of using a training log being able to look back and discover that. Hills on the way out, flat along the river in the middle and then back along those rolling hills on the way back. A nice, easy long run on a cool morning.

Tuesday was my favorite speed workout; blend intervals. Warmup, followed by this little bit of increasing pain. One mile at 5k pace, two minutes rest, 200 yards at mile pace, 4 minutes rest. Repeat three times. By that third repeat, it’s starting to bite.

I was then super smart and went to a 45 minute spin class Wednesday morning. Taught by a triathlete acquaintance, it blasted away what quads I had left. Walking up the stairs at work was a trial that day. A good class though.

Thursday thankfully had an easy 5 miles on the schedule. That first mile was a rough bit of running. Amusingly enough, it took me that long to realize why my legs were toast. Oh, that’s right, hard speed work followed hard bike. Gotcha.

Today, finished up the week with a rolling, dirt road and 8 miles. Frigid air and a breath-stealing wind, probably hovering around 15 degrees F. My face felt like it was going to fall off at various points. I wasn’t in any great hurry on the way out. I was ore interested in staying warm. The instruction for the marathoners was to do several easy then finished with 6-8 miles hard. They had to do 12, I only needed 8 total. So I took that idea and put in 2 miles of pickup, dropped a solid minute off my mile pace from the first 6.


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