New racing season, same thoughts

Here we are in 2017. I’m signed up for a couple triathlons again. Last year’s races were mostly enjoyable. Hopefully this year will be as well. I’m a couple months out from the first triathlon of the season and closing in on the start of the 12 week plan for my first ever Olympic-distance tri. Which naturally has caused the anxiety to rise a bit. Can I actually swim that far? What if it’s too warm to let me use the crutch of a wetsuit? I really need to stop worrying about my swimming. It’s fine. I just need to increase my distance.

I’m starting to be more conscious of biking and really waiting for it to warm up to a nice enough temperature to ride outside. It’s really hard to sit on a spin bike for a long time. I’m sure that would make real triathletes and bikers laugh.

And now I’ve added a little chiropractic/massage work on my quads this week and probably for the next couple. So that’s breaking up some knots in my quads and causing my left knee cap to rattle around a bit since with all that tightness starting to clear out, things are a bit looser. That was fun on my runs this week.

So yeah, just like normal. Minor, minor physical ailments and the brain always busy worrying about everything.


2 Replies to “New racing season, same thoughts”

  1. I’m attempting my first olympic this year too! I’m a worrier too but I try to remind myself it will all work itself out on race day. I’m blogging about it two but my 12 weeks are still at least 6 weeks away!

    1. I keep telling myself it’ll be fine. Look what you’ve done already just keep training. You don’t have to be fully prepared today. The race is months away. At least that is what I tell myself. Setting mini-goals for every few weeks through the training cycle seems to make a big difference with my worrying. Kind of a “Oh look Dave you just swam 1,000 yards. See you’ll be fine.”

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