Book Review: Dark Times in the City

Dark Times in the City by Gene Kerrigan is a novel set in Ireland, mainly Dublin and its immediate area. The main character is a recently released ex-con named Danny Callaghan. He's just trying to get by, stay out of trouble and not be noticed by anyone. He's out on parole after eight years of... Continue Reading →

Review: Batgirl #35

I'm a fairly obvious geek. Software developer, along with the typical array of Star Wars, fantasy novels and video gaming and lately some pen and paper role-playing games. But for the most part I've never really touched comic books. I catch the big movies (Superman, Batman, the recent Marvel flicks) based on them but the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer

Annihilation is one of those stories that is more atmosphere than anything. It's fairly short for a novel at about 200 pages. It's interesting and well-written. It's that type of sci-fi that is speculative fiction and not really sci-fi. There's a bit of perhaps horror or fear in it but that's just characters marching into... Continue Reading →

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