knockout.js css binding

Spent longer this morning than I should have chasing down an error with a knockout.js app. I was adding some input validation when I started getting an "unable to parse bindings" error. The culprit was this: <div data-bind="if: printAvail, css: { qty-error: qty.hasError}"> The error comes in from the css name qty-error. Valid css name... Continue Reading →


Exploring javascript – Angular.js

Recently I starting poking around learning new stuff. Now it's angular.js's turn. I've read a little, watched a few tutorials, played around a little more and I like it a lot. It's simple, quick to pick up and looks like it has a ton of nice features. So I figured I'd post my first simple... Continue Reading →

backbone.js – a barebones example

I started to pick up backbone.js the other day. I was kind of struggling with it for awhile trying to understand how to get a simple app working. The examples and tutorials I found were a little more fleshed out and busy in a way that I couldn't make sense of. Full, working examples but... Continue Reading →

SharePoint Cleanup

Spent the past few days digging through some SharePoint issues. At work we're thinking of someday upgrading to 2013 and we've started working through the list of missing and broken things pointed out by the powershell command test-spcontentdatabase. So far, I've been hunting down old, rogue web parts. It's been great because I keep finding... Continue Reading →

A life in software development

Had a moment the other day where I felt a little overwhelmed. That's not quite the word I'm looking for but unless I come up with it, that one will have to do. Keeping up with technology and emerging languages and frameworks is part and parcel of being a software developer. Being able to learn... Continue Reading →

SharePoint builds

Spent part of my day waiting on TFS to create build after build while I made minor modifications to some post-build events to try to get some SharePoint wsp packages built correctly. Maddening since the build works correctly on my local development machine. It's just not correctly packaging the referenced assemblies when built from TFS.... Continue Reading →


Funny where understanding and inspiration can come from sometimes. Being a software developer is obviously a fairly technical, logical undertaking. So you end up putting a lot of effort into data structures and building a framework, or choosing one, as well as other behind the scenes such things. There I am starting the assembly of... Continue Reading →


Once again a reminder of how gathering information, planning and throwing the kitchen sink at some code while testing can be important. Fortunately nothing that made it out of the QA phase but still you always can look back and think you could've done a little more research or a little more testing. I guess... Continue Reading →


I've recently been digging in and learning more JavaScript; mostly jQuery so far. I've also come across knockout.js via building some things with mvc 4 web api (really, that's always going to be a cumbersome name). My initial thoughts on knockout are that it's pretty awesome. It really does clean the code up a... Continue Reading →

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