A Blast of Confidence

I got up for a morning swim before work today. I had originally planned to swim 500 yards this week, 600 next week and finally hit the race distance and more after that. By the time I got my feet in the water, I'd already half-decided I was going to do a 700 (race is... Continue Reading →


Time to turn the screws

I'm about 8 weeks out from my first triathlon. I've been a runner for too long to feel that the intro training plans for a sprint triathlon are the way to go. Run-walk for 20 minutes? Bah! I ran 10 miles last Saturday through several inches of newly fallen April snow. Beautiful morning all sunny... Continue Reading →

Two gloriously lazy months of running

Racing season ended late last fall, specifically October 31st. It was a really good year of running. I hit fourteen miles twice, the furthest I've ever run. I managed to set a 10k PR then lower it even further at the last race of the year. After that last race, I was quite ready for... Continue Reading →

Bored, antsy… bored… racing soon

I'm just finishing up a week's vacation. Tomorrow is my last day off and it coincides with my next race. I've mostly been active on vacation. My wife and I did a bunch of hiking and some bike riding. So I pretty much held off from any actual working out; partially due to the expected... Continue Reading →

Holy cow, 14 miles

I spent a small portion of this past week mentally encouraging myself. The training plan I'm following has 14 miles for today; next race is 10 miles. With my longest run before today sitting at 12.26 miles, I was a little anxious about moving up that much. To me, it was a nice morning to... Continue Reading →

Look at the fish, listen to the fish

I've really packed the schedule with exercise lately. I swapped out some random days of this or that and replaced it with swimming. Swimming is so low impact and because I'm just getting started I can't go for very long, so it just kind of became a three day a week habit with most of... Continue Reading →

Zen and running weather

I have another race next weekend and we've had some wildly swinging weather lately. Sunny and 80 degrees; 60 and muggy; 65 and sunny with a light wind; today it was 45 and windy and rainy. So I need to just not worry about the weather. It's going to be what it is and there's... Continue Reading →

I think I can?

I've set out this past month with some rather decent determination. I've started breaking down my runs to try to hit a 10k goal time. The hard runs have been a series of speed sessions like 2 x 2 miles at race pace. It's been a lot of fun and some wondering if I can... Continue Reading →

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